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Learn the techniques and tools of professional script font creation without any paid softwares/tools

Are you tired of your dry office work and want to learn something creative?


Maybe you are a graphic designer looking for more creativity to expand your skills?


Are you just bored at home and want to learn something creative?

Or you may not be any of the above but just a person who likes playing with letters or is intrigued by the chemistry of designing and making beautiful fonts. No matter which category you come under, this course is for YOU AND ONLY YOU!!

My name is Bilal Moten, a self-taught hand lettering and Calligraphy artist. I was highly drawn to the art of hand lettering when I once saw a video on YouTube, where the calligrapher was artistically curving and playing with letters, as a result soon I started doing my own research in the field. I grew fonder of it in a very little time and started learning the skill myself and got a chance to give life to the artist within me.

In my course, you will learn to design alphabets by using calligrapher and procreate app. You will learn the formation of upper and lower case letters by following a few elementary steps. We will start with the basics of font creation by using and teaching you the basic concepts required in creating beautiful and professional fonts as I explore different options available on the Internet. The process can be a little time-consuming because after all it is free of cost, but it will be exciting and soon, you will be on your way to creating unique fonts without spending a single penny. And yes! I have a free brush set that will allow you to play with different letter designs, font styles and textures and achieve a variety different lettering fonts.

This course will teach you how to convert your hobby into a profitable skill and start earning with it in your free time.

I know you are excited about this, so don’t worry!! Not making you wait anymore!! Let’s begin with a brief overview of the course, in this course; we will take start by creating a template through an app called calligrapher, by following some simple steps. Then we will shift to another app known as “Procreate” for filling the template, we will be using two templates, filling template 1 with upper case letters in Sans Serif Style and template 2, with lower case letters in Script style. Then we will be building the font by uploading the template on Calligraphr website. After being done with creating the font file, we will be shifting to another platform for further designing i.e. Glyphrstudio, we will understand the basics and we will be editing our font on this platform like kerning, adding ligatures, turn pairs, side bearing, side pairs, etc. to make sure that the letters are properly aligned, connecting to each other with proper font spacing, this is how we will do the entire process and you will learn along with me.

You can either use your own fonts to speed up your art/hand lettering pieces, use them as templates for wedding stationery and envelopes or even sell these fonts on websites like Etsy, creative market, and Design Cuts and make a good side income.

So, are you ready to dive into this excellent eLearning course about font creation with me?

Tighten your seat belts because we are about to take off to explore the fun Creative and money Making side of a hand lettering Artist’s Work.

So What are you waiting for? let’s get started.

Create A Professional Script Font For Free

Learn the techniques and tools of professional script font creation without any paid softwares/tools»

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