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Learn the concepts and application of giving powerful looks and color correction to creating stylish films

It is the image editing software or plugin developed by Red Giant It is a color adjustment tool that can be used with other soft wares like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. to create wonderful images It makes footage looks great with its various tools. It is one of the favorite tools used by filmmakers to change the color and provide style to their videos.

The main aim of this course is to make any students learn various image and video editing tasks. This Magic Bullet Training will teach how to adjust the position of light and color to images that will produce long-lasting effects on its viewers. Users can frame new images without performing the scenes in real-time. In the starting tutorials, it is explained about the basic tool. In the last tutorial, the user will learn how to tweak different pre-sets to frame new images.

The course will start by telling about the use of Magic Bullet Looks software. This Magic Bullet Training how we can use Magic Bullet Looks plugin along with other software to get world-class images. It tells about the soft wares that are needed to install this plugin. It contains some useful websites to download this plugin along with other applications. This course tells about the user interface window of Magic Bullets Looks plugin. It tells how to use 100 of color pre-sets to frame the image. This Magic Bullet Training clearly explained how to interact with this plugin. A person having even a small knowledge can successfully learn about the user interface window after learning this course. This course tells about the hue and lightness feature of this plugin. It also tells about the unique interaction tool known as Track Pod Mode through which the user can change color using keyboard keys. In this Magic Bullet Training, the user will learn about the subject tools that are exposure, spot exposure, grad exposure, contrast, color contrast, warm/cool, hue/saturation, and colorist. Exposure tools change the light passes from one tool to another tool. Spot Exposure tool adjusts the light in the circular area of the image with the modification in size and position of light area. Warm and Cool tool creates the temperature effect of color by adjusting between the warmer (more orange) and cooler (bluer) colors. Hue tool lets you change the color value of image and saturation provides vibrancy to color to the image by adjusting the linear light. Colorista tool adjusts the color of the shadows highlights and mid-tone to the image. Matte tools provided with this plugin are exposure tool, color filter, gradient, star filter, and diffusion. The color filter makes color overlay filter through which color applied typically darkens the image. The gradient tool works similar to a matte box gradient. Star Filter tool makes 2 point star over bright areas of the image while the diffusion tool provides diffuse glow. Lens tool includes lens vignette, lens distortion, chromatic aberration, edge softness, swing-tilt, haze/flare, and anamorphic flare. Vignette tool typically blocks the light causing a natural decrease in the brightness of the image. All the lens tools work similarly to lens vignette. Camera tool includes denoiser, Neg Bleach Bypass, film negative, contrast, black & white, 2-strip process, Shutter Streak, LUT, Curves, and Shoulder. Renoise tool adds noise or grain to increase the texture of the image. Neg Bleach Bypass increases the look by processing the negative through skip bleach process. In the 2-strip process, tool images are painted to black and white colors along with the red and green filters that are cemented together for projection. This is similar to the old 2-strip printing process.

Color Correction and Film Looks using Magic Bullet Looks

Learn the concepts and application of giving powerful looks and color correction to creating stylish films»

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