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Rethinking Traditional IT Practices and Capabilities towards new Way of Working

Get Ahead of Competition, Learn DevOps and Rethink your Capabilities Today!

Are you looking to learn about DevOps but don’t know where to start? Are you interested in how to adopt DevOps practices and transform your organization? If so, look no further! DevOps has been described as a movement or philosophy that stresses the importance of collaboration and communication between developers and operations teams. This e-learning course is designed to explain the non-technical side of DevOps.

Most organizations’ information technology (IT) departments embarked on DevOps transformation to make IT easier, faster and cheaper. Your organization might be one of them, already working towards upgrading their infrastructure, automating their testing, Improving monitoring capabilities, so forth. According to the Harvard Business Review, companies are pouring millions into “DevOps transformation” initiatives —a high percentage of those efforts fail to pay off. What do you think is the reason?

Most people think of DevOps as a tool, such as MS Azure DevOps or some type of a standard, or a framework, which you can follow like a step-by-step process. Some of them might think that DevOps is just related to technology. They will upgrade the systems and IT infrastructure, and the transformation completed. They might even think of DevOps transformation as a project, a list of tasks to be completed in a given time frame. These are the big mistakes organizations make it.

Enterprise-wide DevOps stands for rethinking traditional IT practices and capabilities, including a product, process, and people perspective. DevOps is the ultimate solution for creating a flow in IT services delivery. DevOps aims for a simple yet important goal of streamlining the IT operation. DevOps is about experiences, ideas, and culture; It’s about the close communication and collaboration between all IT teams. They are all working towards the same goal: Improving the products and services they produce by thinking differently about how they work together, using a new mentality.

This e-learning course will teach you how to adopt DevOps practices and transform your organization into a new way of working. You’ll learn how to improve collaboration, increase efficiency, and reduce waste.

You’ll learn about the history of DevOps, key concepts and terminology, how to implement DevOps practices, and how to apply them in your organization. You’ll learn how to improve communication and collaboration between development and operations teams, automate tasks and workflows, and more. Plus, our course is packed with real-world examples and how to overcome challenges that will help you apply what you learn in practice. So don’t wait any longer – Sign up today and get started on your journey to a better, faster, more efficient workplace!

Every employee who works with systems/applications (entering information, gathering data, running reports, etc.) should know IT, not as a developer or tester, but understand the basics of IT functions and how IT can help perform their work better. So, if you are in this position, then this course is for you. If you are a business owner or user of the system/application, you can help to improve your operation if you understand what it means DevOps. Or if you just want to understand what this buzz about DevOps is, or if your organization is planning or actively working towards DevOps transformation, then this course is for you.

DevOps transformation is a journey, and the e-learning course we’ve outlined can be your first step. The practices and principles taught in this course have been proven to help organizations of all sizes make the cultural shift.

Register today for the e-learning course and start on your own journey to learn how to improve collaboration, increase efficiency, reduce waste, adopt DevOps practices and transform your organization into a new way of working!

Cupón Udemy: Transformación DevOps | Comience con DevOps hoy con 100% de descuento por tiempo LIMITADO

DevOps Transformation: Get started with DevOps today

Rethinking Traditional IT Practices and Capabilities towards new Way of Working»

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