100% off: Smart contracts on Ethereum for beginners

This course is aimed at all those interested in knowing how the Ethereum blockchain works and what smart contracts are (Smart Contracts). To later learn everything necessary for its development with the Solidity programming language.

Solidity is an object-oriented programming language, where its main function is to create smart contracts for platforms like Ethereum.

Learn more about this high-level language in the following link.

This course is taught by Juan Sepúlveda, Engineer with more than fifteen years of experience in software development.

In this blockchain course in Spanish, you will learn first-hand what blockchain is and how smart contract technology is revolutionizing many industries..

Juan Sepúlveda

We will start the course by making an introduction to Blockchain so that all the concepts are clear. We will spin fine on cryptographic issues so that you can fully understand the fundamentals of this technology. Then we will get acquainted with Ethereum, the Blockchain network that will allow us to deploy our smart contracts.

Juan Sepúlveda

With this example of blockchain we will be able to create a smart contract that allows us to replace the current crowdfunding platforms.  In other words, program a more efficient smart contract, with low commissions and safer than current web platforms.

Juan Sepúlveda

With this example we will take the opportunity to learn all the necessary tools you need to create smart contracts for any application.

Juan Sepúlveda

Course content

  • Blockchain technology
    • What is blockchain?
    • Ecosistema blockchain
    • Transaction concept, public and private key and wallet
    • What is Hash?
    • Hash Properties
    • How the Blockchain works
    • Proof-of-Work
    • Nonce
    • Real transaction example
    • Digital Signature Part One
    • Digital Signature Part Two
  • Introduction to the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Our first Smart Contracts in the Remix development environment
    • Remix update video
    • Introduction to Remix
    • Hello World
    • Units: Ether y Wei
    • How gas is calculated
    • Commenting the logs
    • Apply blockchain to real inefficiency
    • Crowdfunding – Variables and types
    • Crowdfunding – Create variables
    • Creating the functions of our Crowdfunding contract
    • Testing our Crowdfunding contract
    • Custom Constructors and Modifiers
  • A real Crowdfunding platform
    • Before starting, download files from section01:13
    • Preparation for Exercise 204:21
    • Exercise Structure 206:49
    • Enum, state variables and mappings07:13
    • Events02:49
    • Modifiers02:13
    • Constructor02:40
    • Contribute04 function:53
    • Check if Collection is Completed or Expired Function03:19
    • Pay Artist04:26
    • Get Detalles01:41
    • Array of contracts and good practices with events04:05
    • Memory Types05:22
    • Function create project and return projects07:35
    • Exercise Test 2 and farewell

The course has a rating of 4.6/5 stars.

Its approximate duration is 3 hours, contains 39 video courses.

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