100% Discount on RaspBerry Pi Course

This course is aimed at all those who want to learn how to start up this wonderful microcomputer.

This course aims to teach the student how to start the RaspBerry Pi by creating the SD from scratch with the RaspBian Operating System.

You will learn a few things:

  • Linux commands
  • boot X-Windows
  • Install the vncserver
  • Connect to X-Windows from a Mac
  • Connect from putty (Windows) or ssh from Mac
  • Basic configuration with raspi-config
  • Install Quake3 arena

Course content

  • Initiation
    • NOOBS y RaspBian
    • NOOBS startup
    • Raspi-config
    • Updating the RaspBian
    • X-Windows
    • Vncserver
  • Putty
    • SSH
    • Speakertest and apply
  • Projects
    • Installing Quake3 Arena
    • Running Quake3 Arena
    • Installing LibreOffice
    • Installing and configuring SAMBA
    • AirPi Installation and configuration
    • AirPi Execution and operation
    • 1:How to set up your own Blog with WordPress
    • 2:How to set up your own Blog with WordPress
    • 3:How to set up your own Blog with WordPress
  • Convert your RaspBerry Pi 2 The 3 on an ARCADE machine
    • About Recalbox
    • Download the software and copy to the microSD
    • Recalbox first boot
    • Loading ROMS in Recalbox
    • Testing the PSX emulator
    • Testing the MAME emulator
    • Testing the NeoGeo emulator
    • 1: Gutting Recalbox.
    • 2 Gutting Recalbox.
    • 3 Gutting Recalbox.
    • 4 Gutting Recalbox.
    • 5 Gutting Recalbox.
    • Extra – Changing the Xbox controller 360
    • Extra – Knowing Retroarch

This course is taught by Efraím Sánchez-Gil.

I am a computer scientist in love with photography.


It has a valuation of 4.4/5 stars.

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