5 reasons why you should learn to program in Python in the 2021

Python has long been a language “universal” extremely popular, and has established a new following in career fields such as data science and machine learning.

The 2020 it was a great year for python, and the 2021 looks to be even better.

For that and more, here we list you 5 reasons why you should learn to program in Python.

Is easy to learn

For beginners, learning any new programming language can be intimidating at first. But like any popular language, Python has a lot of documentation to help you on your way.

For example,  Python.org  offers an internshipBeginner's Guide to Programming and Python. If you are a visual learner, Microsoft has a series of videos,  “Python for beginners”,  with dozens of lessons (most less than five minutes in length; none of more than 13 minutes). 

Less coding

You don't need to write a lot of code to get the job done. Therefore, programmers are more productive in Python compared to languages ​​that require a lot of standard code to perform common tasks.

What's more, in the world of DevOps, Python is very popular, engineers can automate tasks with fewer lines of code, so they can focus on further reducing the technical burden.

A great community of developers

As with any language, a strong community is essential for everything, from new feature development to bug fixes.

It can solve almost all problems in Python, and you will find many other useful libraries to write concise and readable code.

Python is growing

According to the 2020 Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey, Python ranks third among the most loved and most wanted programming languages.

All of this translates to a number of free and paid resources to train your team and a strong market for qualified engineers to hire if you need to scale your team..

Python is versatile and constantly reinvents itself as developers keep up with trends without having to relearn everything from scratch.

Python's simple integrations with C, C ++ and Java, as well as its constant updates, keep developers connected and up-to-date.

Job opportunities

Big tech companies like Google, Uber and Netflix use language. As a Python developer, it's easier to find work because big tech companies are always looking to add to their pool of trained developers.

That means smaller companies also embrace the language, creating many opportunities not only to create new products, but also to maintain and improve the legacy code.

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