Algorithms that reject your Curriculum Why?

In the last decade, recruiters have used Artificial Intelligence to a great extent. And thanks to the pandemic, this has been growing exponentially.

What does it lead us to, to Softwares with Artificial Intelligence for hiring processes.

Can you imagine making a Curriculum for the desired job position, and have a computer reject it.

It's fair?

Is it legal for a computer to reject my application for a job?

A journalist asked when she applied for a new job and found out, that there were no humans in the interviews.

curriculum vitae

What happened?

The process started from the comfort of your home, where they proposed to him to play several simple online games, among which stand out, quickly count the number of points in two boxes, blow up a balloon to earn money, associating all this with their facial expressions.

While this was happening, an Artificial Intelligence Software, mediates his personality and based on these evaluations, provided the result; Approved or Rejected.

Should we worry that the hiring of new employees is through Artificial Intelligence?

Well Amazon think not.

In 2018, announced that it had eliminated its own recruiting system, because apparently he was prejudiced against women who came forward.

And, the system, he had taught himself that male applicants were the best fit for the position, because according to the compilations, men are the ones who most often, they had more experience.

Why was this happening?

Specialists affirm that these Artificial Intelligence Systems, still have a number of challenges.

“The first step in selecting candidates is to correctly analyze what they say or write. At this basic level, Google voice assistants, Amazon and Apple still can't understand what people are saying. For example, Scottish accents pose a challenge, like unusual words or phrases”

dice James Meachin, by British business psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola, In England.

“I would be very concerned if people said that using artificial intelligence in business recruitment only has benefits”

said Sandra Wachter, Senior Researcher in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom.

Assuming the big risk is, that if no solid tests are done, Systems would come to be overlooking women and people of color.

And you, What do you think about it?

Source: BBC

Jesus Amaro

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