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Python is a great language for programmers who want to use data analytics, is an open source programming language that was created by Guido van Rossum.

It offers great possibilities for programmers to explore data analytics and statistics because it includes a wide range of libraries and tools that are easy to install and use..

There are also many books and tutorials available for beginners. Data analysis isn't the only thing Python is for, it can also work great with database management systems to allow communication and use of information.

Can be integrated with database systems such as SQL Server and MySQL quickly and easily, unlike other programming languages ​​where more preparation and more settings are required.

How to create a CRUD application with Python and PostgreSQL

Create a Python application to interact with the PostgreSQL database

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners in Python
  • Beginners to programming
  • Beginners in SQL


  • Basic knowledge of SQL will help
  • Basic knowledge of Python will help
  • Basic knowledge of PostgreSQL

What you will learn

  • Configure the PostgreSQL database server
  • Create a new database and table
  • Create a sequence to provide automatic numbering in a column
  • Alter column in a table
  • Create database connection configuration file
  • Create a graphical user interface with tkinter
  • Create in-app message pop-ups
  • Create and activate a virtual environment
  • Create a class and methods
  • Create Roles
  • Link button widgets to functions
  • Connect to PostgreSQL database server from Python application

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