Learn how to create Chatbots with artificial intelligence in this free course from IBM

This course will teach you how to create chatbots, and the best thing is that it is not necessary to have programming knowledge.

Leveraging the natural language processing capabilities of IBM Watson, you will learn to plan, implement, test chatbots that help your users, instead of frustrating them.

You will learn how to visually create chatbots with Watson Assistant (formerly Watson Conversation) and how to implement them on your own website through a handy WordPress plugin. Don't have a website? Do not worry, one will be provided to you.

Chatbots are a hot topic in our industry and they are about to grow. New jobs are added every day that require this specific skill, consultants are demanding premium fees and interest in chatbots is exploding fast.

Gartner predicts that for 2020, the 85% of customer interactions with the company will be done through automated means (that is to say, chatbots and related technologies).

This is your chance to learn this highly demanded skill set with a gentle introduction to the subject that leaves no stone unturned..
This is a Spanish translation of a course that was originally created in English.

Many of the course components have been translated into Spanish, including lesson titles, video transcripts, readings, laboratory instructions and questionnaires. Nevertheless, some components of the course, including original videos and their narration, they are still in english.

Join the course through the following link.

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