Learn to Create Your Own Robots with this Free Course

This course is aimed at all those people, be they children or adults who wish to learn how to create their own homemade robots.

The course will be taught by Khan Academy, where you can learn to create homemade robots from the beginning.

Course Description

With this course you will learn the basic fundamentals of robotics, as well as the creation of robots.

Since it is an introductory course for both children and adults, does not require prior knowledge.

You only need a device and internet.

This course has more than 80 classes belonging to 5 units.

To your rhythm! The course does not have a specific duration, so you can take it today and finish it whenever you want.

Course content

  1. All about Spout
  2. Robots Spout con soldadura
  3. Robot Spout sin soldadura
  4. Spider Robots
  5. Robot Bit-zee

Get the Course

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To create your account, you only need to log in with your Facebook or Gmail username. Or if you prefer with an email, your name and password.

To access the course, just click on this link or by tapping the next button.

Certifying yourself on this platform has an extra cost.

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