Learn to develop front-end web applications with Angular 8

If you are a student or professional and want to learn to develop front-end web applications, Is this course for you.

Angular 8

To take advantage of the course by 100% prior knowledge of JavaScript and HTML is recommended.

It may interest you…

What will you learn?

  • Create and structure a project in Angular.
  • Create components in Angular.
  • Attribute and event handling in Angular.
  • Handling external and internal events with the use of services in Angular.
  • Communication between components with decorators.
  • Create forms in Angular.
  • Handle requests with HttpClient in Angular.
  • Handling paths for component views in Angular.

The next course has more than 20 classes divided between 6 units that you will see below:

  1. Starting the Angular course 8
  2. Components (edit)
  3. Configuring routes and services
  4. Forms
  5. Component communication
  6. Practice

Its total duration is 16 hours, and is intended for those who want to learn from a basic level to an expert level, your language is español and you will share it with more than 4 a thousand classmates.

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