Learn to program with emojis like a pro using Emojicode with this course

The 17 July was the “World Emoji Day”, so the online learning site Codecademy found a fun way to celebrate. Unveiled a five-hour mini-course that teaches Emojicode , a unique programming language that consists completelynte in emojis.

“We believe that Emojis have expressive power”, explained the official website of the language . “Let's use that to make programming more fun and accessible”.

Originally, Codecademy planned to reveal the mini course on April Fools Day, but lagged behind the height of the world facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think the marketing team didn't want to be too deaf, so we backtracked until we found a better day, what is now, World Emoji Day”,

said the senior developer of the curriculumSonny Li 

Emojis are small digital imagesdefined in Unicode with a dedicated set of hexacimals so they can be reproduced the same way on all computers.

And Emojicode, the grape emoji signals the beginning of a block of code, while the end of the block is indicated by the watermelon emoji.

But why are the grapes? Weidmann recognized his primarily personal preference, although he adds that from the beginning, “I decided to use emojis that are rarely used to express something meaningful” for everyday symbols like keys found in other languages.

Screenshot of Emojicode dot org - Hello World

The fun continues throughout the language. Pig nose emoji method accesses list items, while a hamster emoji shuffles them. And the list itself is created by a set of variables between the popcorn emoji and the eggplant emoji.

And if, emojis can be considered part of a chain. In fact, even the error messages include an emoji (right after the most useful line number and the character position of the error).

And after printing the line that contains the error, the up arrow emoji is even used to point out where an error occurred.

Now you know, If you want to start the course to learn to program with emojis like a pro, you can do it through the following link.

Original source: thenewstack

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