Learn about creating web pages with this simple manual

Become a web development expert with this manual, that will help you enhance your skills and increase your knowledge.

We know that creating web pages has become a necessity lately, and that companies need to be present in the network.

Companies undertake a new challenge that is very essential, because they know that if they don't have a presence on the web, these will not take off.

And with this, the search for people who dedicate themselves to the creation of web pages is usually one of the most important jobs to find., trained or appropriate personnel who know about the subject and have the necessary experience to do so.

That is why we bring you this manual in which you will learn everything you need about creating web pages.


  1. Required Hardware and Software
  2. General considerations
  3. Types of iNET Data Transmission Formats
  4. HTML standards
  5. Basic Page Structure
  6. Special Characters
  7. Formatting the Text
  8. Links to other Pages
  9. Inserting Images
  10. Create a Styles Page
  11. Insertion of Funds
  12. Image alignment and sizing
  13. Boards
  14. Forms
  15. Animated GIF
  16. Menus Made with Maps
  17. Pages That Use Frames.
  18. Sound Insertion
  19. Inserting JavaScripts
  20. Applets de Java
  21. Publishing a Web

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