Learn about Artificial Intelligence with this free course with certificate included

The Elements of AI is a free online course for anyone interested in learning what AI is., What is posible (and it is not possible) with AI and how it affects our lives, no need for complicated math or programming.

Upon completion of the course, you can get a certificate from LinkedIn. People in Finland can also get 2 ECTS credits through the Open University. The course is available from 14 May 2018.

After completing the course, may:

  • Understand some of the main implications of AI.
  • Think critically about AI news and claims
  • Define and discuss what AI is
  • Explain the methods that make AI possible

The course grew out of a partnership between Reaktor Inc. and the University of Helsinki . It is a model of agenda setting for a corporation and government coming together to inspire, educate and do good in the world.


More of 140.000 subscriptions in nine months.


Participants of more than 90 countries.


Around the 40% of participants so far have been women, more than double the average in computer science courses. More than 25% of students have more than 45 years.


The website has been visited 5,6 million times with average time on site 5,3 minutes.


Elements of AI has already trained more than 1% of the Finnish population in the basics of artificial intelligence.

To get the free course just follow the following link.

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