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The development of new technologies is constantly growing year after year, Before, the most common was to see new products merely developed by large companies or universities..

Today, every time we can see new inventions or technological developments made by students or development hobbyists, This is due to the fact that the scope of knowledge and tools is increasingly open to the general public..

For example, In the electronics area, until a few years ago, getting equipment such as boards or processors for tests or experiments was complicated and also expensive.. But thanks to the arrival of low-cost boards like Arduino and Raspberry, has become more accessible to students allowing them to experiment and test new technologies.

Arduino is a platform for microcontroller devices that makes embedded programming much easier than traditional methods.

Thanks to the simplicity and ease of use of Arduino, embedded systems and programming now have a much lower barrier to entry than before.

The Arduino platform is essentially made up of the following (all of which are open source):

  • Marco C. / C ++ para APR, ARM and more (based onWiring )
  • Device bootloader
  • Integrated development environment (HERE) for Windows, Mac y Linux

Professional Automation with Arduino | Module 1

Learn automation with cristiano Nacáreo, professional reference of the area

Who is this course for?

  • People interested in carrying out their projects with autonomy.


  • Only computer notions.

What you will learn

  • You will be able to turn your projects into reality, be they industrial or a hobby.

This course is available for free without the need for any coupon, through the "FREE" option.

We recommend that you first read the differences between a free and a paid course to avoid misunderstandings:

Free courses

  • Online video content

Paid courses

  • Online video content
  • Certificate of completion
  • Instructor Questions and Answers
  • Direct message to the instructor

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