A YouTuber has managed to mine Bitcoins using a Game Boy and they already plan to buy Venezuela with the proceeds

A popular Youtuber named Stacksmashing posted a video showing him modifying a Nintendo Game Boy from 1989 to extract bitcoins. All this with the energy of 4 double A batteries.

Stacksmashing in his video uploaded to YouTube shows that he takes advantage of a portable game console of 8 bits de 1989 known as Game Boy.

He had to connect the Game Boy to a Raspberry Pi and take advantage of the handheld's link port to connect directly to the BTC network .

Also used GBDK, an open source Game Boy development kit written in the C programming language. Stacksmashing also leveraged a SHA256 implementation of the open source firmware created by the hardware wallet makers of Trezor..

Stacksmashing then managed to connect the Game Boy to the Bitcoin network (BTC) and said he could even hear the hash from the machine 31 years.

Joking, The Youtuber noted that his Game Boy with four double A batteries is less excessive than the electricity used by traditional miners.

The Nintendo device managed to process 0.8 hashes per second (0.0008 kilohash) and Stacksmashing noted that today's machines do around 100 terahashes per second (TH / s).

A single BTC would take a few quadrillion years to extract it taking advantage of the classic Game Boy.

Oh yes, Venezuela was a joke.

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