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JavaScript is a programming language that is mainly used to add interactivity to web pages.

It is a basic language that is easy to understand and learn.

This programming language is the language behind the pages that you see in your Internet browser..

It is a very dynamic and flexible language that allows web developers to enhance and add to their websites without having to rely on any other technology.

This programming language turned out to be a key component of Internet browsers and is currently supported by almost all of them.

It is typically embedded in HTML and CSS pages and is used by websites to control user experience..

Complete Modern Beginner JavaScript Firebase BootCamp

¡Domine JavaScript y Firebase Firestore con JavaScript puro! JavaScript ES6 +, OOP, AJAX

Who is this course for?

  • Those who want to understand the most popular JavaScript language.
  • Those who want to start programming in general
  • Those who want to learn modern JavaScript from beginner to advanced without libraries or frameworks.
  • Those who want to understand the most popular JavaScript language.


  • No coding experience is required in this course
  • Basic knowledge of HTML / CSS is an advantage, but not an obligation
  • All you need is a computer

What you will learn

  • Go from a total beginner to an advanced JavaScript developer
  • Asynchronous JavaScript: the event loop, promises, async / await, AJAX y API
  • OOP including ES5 prototypes and ES6 classes
  • ES6 features as arrow functions, lessons, default and rest parameters, etc.

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