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There is a large amount of data collected from various sources around the world. With so much information, it can be difficult to make decisions without first analyzing the data.

Data analysis is important because it allows us to see the world differently.

It also provides a clearer picture of reality, and seeing reality in this way, we can make better decisions that will have a positive impact on the world around us.

When working with data, it's not just about making the best decisions, but to do the right things.

Organizations have been looking for new ways to maximize the efficiency of their collection, data capture and analysis in the digital age.

Business analytics provides answers to the most complex questions in today's business world, often in real time.

Analytics helps companies make sense of structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, as databases, websites, call centers, mobiles, videos, social media, etc.

Business Analytics con R 2021

Get the best certified training in Business Analytics with R Programming

Who is this course for?

  • engineering
  • IT students
  • Commerce students
  • Finance students
  • Management professionals
  • Anyone who wants to improve their Business Analytics skills


  • Laptop, desktop computer or phone with internet connection is the only mandatory requirement
  • Anyone with business acumen and the desire to acquire a deep understanding of R can take this course..
  • Conceptual knowledge of MS Excel will be helpful

What you will learn

  • Successful installation of R studio
  • Get hands-on experience in analyzing and solving business problems with Analytics R Tools
  • Decoding aspects of ‘what’ and how’ of data collection
  • Machine learning covers all important topics as standard error, variance, p value, test t, etc.
  • Learn about industry best practices for data measurement and analysis
  • Apply analytics-based financial decision making to drive business ROI
  • Make actionable data-driven decisions to increase market share.
  • To handle packages in R
  • Develop goal-oriented business strategies.
  • Improve your analytical skills to add value to your portfolio

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