Scientists create an algorithm that analyzes our dreams. What do we dream of?

A constructive criticism of your dreams.

The psychologist of Harvard Deirdre Barrett, collected near 6000 dreams, during the pandemic we are going through, and concluded that most of these people, in their dreams they find nightmares, insects or natural disasters.

Thanks to this, other scientists have decided to study the abstract science of dreams, this in order to interpret not only our most hidden traumas, but also the things that define us as a society.

Twisted dreams

The scientists, they record dreams in databases, in order to resolve these issues.

The public database with the most dream records is DreamBank, which has 40,000 records, These collected from people between 7 Y 74 years.

Some think that collecting dreams and recording them in a database is an overrated topic and they are not giving it the attention it requires.. But that, didn't stop a couple of scientists from focusing on working on it.

To the scientist Luca Aiello, he did not care and created an algorithm to analyze thousands of dreams. He led a project of Nokia Bell Labs, which created different patterns and sets of dreams with the data collected by DreamBank.

After several years of work, Luca and his team published their results in the magazine Royal Society Open Science.

Which it was the result?

They created 10 categories, where they stand out 3 elements: Characters, Interactions and Emotions.

“Usually, men have more dreams related to conflict and aggression than women, that instead tend to have more friendly and sentimental dreams”.

they complied in the magazine.

If how do you read, mostly men are more likely to dream than to fight with an imaginary being or with their best friend, while women dream of that soap opera or series gallant in question.

Some dream of the last thing they saw, your last discussion, some issue that they were not satisfied with and their brain is responsible for creating a dream to solve the issue.

Some programmers solve their bugs and errors through sleep.

Aiello accept that this data may be stereotyped, but assume your studies show that dreams are often similar.

If they ask me, I can't even remember that I dreamed.

And you, What do you dream with?

Source: BBC

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