Cisco: Free introductory course to Python for the Internet of Things (IoT)

In an effort to boost the Internet of Things (IoT) Cisco offers different courses, one of them is PCAP: Programming Essentials in Python which seeks to relate the user to the IoT through the Python programming language.

Python is the versatile object-oriented programming language used by tech giants and entrepreneurs, like Google, Facebook, Dropbox e IBM.

Python is also recommended for young developers with career advancement ambitions in security areas, networks and Internet of things.

Upon completion of this course, be ready to get certifiedPCAP: Certified Associate in Python programming. No prior programming knowledge is required.

The course is divided into several chapters, which include exercises, videos and explanations on the subject, at the end of each one there will be an exam that will evaluate the progress. At the end of all the chapters there will be the final exam.

You can enroll in the course for free, In case of requesting a payment or the message that you do not meet the requirements appears, try to register with an institutional email.

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  1. How .when can it be started; and to be able to know, the learning guidelines; since I have no preparation, in this area; so important

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