How to Develop Mobile Video Games

This course is aimed at all those people, whether students or professionals who wish to learn how to develop their own video games for mobile / cell phones using the Unity 3D engine..

This course will be taught by Danilo Giardina, which is a Video Game Programmer in Unity.

Hello everybody, here I bring you a new video course in which you can learn to make your own video game for mobile devices , Although the course is oriented to android , you will find a lot of material that will serve you for other mobile platforms , such as IOS.

Danilo Giardina

With this course you will be able to learn to detect one or more touches on the screen, know how to differentiate and filter them for different actions , besides making a button , interact with 3D objects , perform screen swipes at the 4 directions and much, much more … even how to sign your apk to upload it to google play or other mobile markets.

Danilo Giardina

Course content

  • Main content
    • How to detect touch
    • Unify code
    • download and install android sdk
    • How to compile for android
    • How to run apk on your computer
    • How to detect 2 touchs simultaneos
    • How to detect touch on a button
    • How to fix successive touch problem
    • How to detect touch on a 3D object
    • How to swipe 4 addresses
  • Extras
    • Insert advertisement and sign apk
    • How to use an accelerometer on a mobile device
  • Accelerated Video Game Creation Course
    • How to do a hover effect
  • Advanced Video Game Creation Course
    • Artificial intelligence (route)

The course has a rating of 4.4/5 stars.

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