How to program in Python from the android cell phone

Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​today, many organizations have even listed it at the top of the world's most popular programming languages ​​lists.

The simplicity of the language means that even novice developers can create their own programs without difficulties.

Python can be run on various operating systems such as: Windows, Linux and Mac OS, But can it be programmed in Python from our Android devices??

The answer is yes, and it is quite simple. To program in Python from our Android devices it is only necessary to download an application: CodeLix.

CodeLix is ​​an application for mobile devices with Android operating system, with which you can program in multiple programming languages ​​and one of them is Python.

The application is light (less than 5MB) and completely free in even to use it it is not necessary to register.

Just download the app from the Play Store through the following link, once you have it installed, it only remains to choose the programming language of your preference (in this case Python) and create a new code file.

The built-in editor will allow you to easily write code and also be able to execute it

In addition, you also have options to activate or deactivate the dark mode.

code execution is fast and depends on internet connection, you can save your code files and access them at any time.

Download CodeLix completely free from this link.

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