Udemy Free: Build your own supercomputer with Raspberry Pis

Raspberry Pi is a microcomputer that can be purchased for just a few dollars, has a processor and is capable of running applications, as coding and game software, as well as a simple operating system.

For people who have never programmed before, its simple operating system can be a great introduction to computer programming.

It is also very cheap and is a great investment to create products and prototypes for other projects.. This is because the Raspberry Pi also includes very powerful tools that can be used for 3D design programs., video and animation.

The Raspberry Pi is a cheap computer that you can buy for a few 35 Dollars. It's a great introduction to programming for people who have never programmed before, since it includes a simple operation and execution of both Hardware and Software.

Build your own supercomputer with Raspberry Pis

Create a Computer Cluster with Raspberry Pi Boards: everything, from hardware, software, design and networks

Who is this course for?

  • This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how computers work, especially if you are interested in creating your own group of computers.
  • You should be comfortable using a Linux command line, but you don't have to be well informed: every step of the way is recorded and documented for easy tracking
  • If you love Raspberry Pis and have more than one, building a cluster of computers is a fun way to learn how to get them to interact together and use all their combined computer processing power


  • Students will need to have a laptop or desktop computer with an Internet connection and a reader / SD card recorder
  • Materials for this class may vary depending on your ambitions, but the minimum materials required are: 2 or more Raspberry Pi computers, 2 or more ethernet cables, a network router or switch, 2 or more micro-USB power supplies (5 volts, 1,5 a 2 amps), a wired USB keyboard, 2 or more micro SD cards (8 or more GB), a monitor with an HDMI input and an HDMI cable.

What you will learn

  • Build a supercomputer using multiple Raspberry Pi computers 2 B + with Raspbian
  • Build a working Raspberry Pi from a basic Raspbian installation and customize it to your needs
  • Create and queue Raspberry Pi slave nodes in a fraction of the time it takes to configure each one
  • Manage full Raspberry Pi computer cluster using Linux command line interface with convenience and ease
  • Instale OpenMPI, compile and run multiprocessor programs from scratch
  • Learn the basics of writing a multithreaded program in C
  • Create a computer network with your home router or expand it to a production-level network with a managed switch
  • Export and mount drives and communicate between your Raspberry Pis, all on the command line

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