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Ethical hacking is a common practice that is used by companies to test the security of their network and to ensure the security of information.

The term is often used to describe vulnerability testing of a system, looking for security bugs and penetration testing.

The tools used by ethical hackers vary from the ordinary, such as a network protocol analyzer, to the darkest, such as a custom hardware device used for wireless signal acquisition.

Ethical hackers don't harm systems, but they look for all the vulnerabilities of a system, in order to fix them and prevent other hackers from taking advantage of them and causing damage.

Companies pay very well for this knowledge, since they help them not to have any loss of information in the future that can lead to the loss of a lot of money or even lawsuits.

Ethical hacking

Welcome to the land of ethical hacking

Who is this course for?

  • Beginner in the field of ethical hacking

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Ethical hacking

Welcome to the land of ethical hacking

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