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Linux is a free operating system that is developed by a community of programmers around the world.

The beginnings of Linux were as an alternative to the Unix operating system which was commercial, closed source and restrictive licenses.

Linux is made up of many different branches, some for powering desktop and laptop computers, while others are programmed for more specific needs, just like they power servers and mobile devices.

The command line Thecommand line interface, is a text-based application to view, manage and manipulate files on your computer.

The command line is the most basic user interface or method for interacting with Linux.

It consists mainly of text-based commands that allow changes to be made to the operating system.


Learning to work with the command line is a great ally for programmers or system administrators.

Applied Linux command line and zero to elite shell scripts

Learn more from 200 Modern Linux tools and industry-proven practices + project-based shell scripts from scratch

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn the modern Linux command line
  • Network specialists and IT administrators
  • Programmers, developers and data scientists, whose job runs on Linux CMD
  • IT managers, interested in the productivity of their team members.
  • Passionate Geeks 😉 Who Want To Have A Lot Of Fun With The Linux Command Line


  • Basic IT skills
  • No prior Linux and programming knowledge required
  • A computer with an Internet connection
  • Passionate curiosity to learn

What you will learn

  • Learning more from 200 modern Linux commands and tools with their use cases
  • Handling basic to complex Linux real-work projects: red, security, system visibility, etc.
  • Project-based shell scripting and automation: write a backup tool, a password manager, etc.
  • Terminal productivity using Tmux, Git, Oh My Zsh, Nerd Font, Windows Terminal, etc.
  • Manage Linux Components in Shell, for example, networks, discos, processes, users, etc.
  • Advanced system visibility using sysdig and CSysdig (Lua Scripts)
  • Problem solving mindset, both in theory and in practice
  • Red Linux y DNS, route and adapter management with iproute2, etc.
  • IPTables in depth, for example, filter, nat, missing, etc.
  • Dive into the Linux Firewall
  • Covers the full OpenSSH server of SSH technologies, SSH port forwarding and tunneling, proxy SOCKS, etc.
  • Task automation using cron and other daemons
  • Take full advantage of the boot subsystem of 1 second-Linux: WSL2
  • Installing and configuring a Linux virtual lab (VirtualBox)
  • Vendor neutral approach, compatible with any Linux distribution inspired by LPIC certification

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