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TypeScript is a written superset of JavaScript that compiles into plain JavaScript.

It is purely object-oriented with classes, static programming languages ​​and interfaces such as C # about Java.

You will need a compiler to compile and generate the code in the JavaScript file.

Basically, TypeScript is the ES6 version of JavaScript with some additional features.

Benefits of using TypeScript

  • TypeScript esQuick, simple, easy to learn and runs in any browser or JavaScript engine.
  • Is similar toJavaScript and uses the same syntax and semantics.
  • This helps back-end developers to writecode of front-endfaster
  • You can call TypeScript code from aexisting JavaScript code. What's more, works with existing JavaScript libraries and frameworks without any problem.
  • The definition file, with extension .d.ts, provides support for existing JavaScript libraries likeJquery, D3.js , etc. Therefore, TypeScript code can addbibliotecas JavaScript using type definitions to reap the benefits of type checking, code and documentation autocompletion in existing dynamic type JavaScript libraries.
  • Includes features ofES6 YES7 which can be run on the ES5 at the level of JavaScript engines likeNode.js .  

Learn Typescript from 0 a 100

Learn Typescript in a short time and easily.

Who is this course for?

  • People who want to increase their knowledge in programming, or who already have and want to reinforce concepts.

What you will learn

  • You will learn to program in one of the most demanded languages ​​in the entire development industry


  • You can take this course whether you have experience or not.

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