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Facial recognition is a technology that has been with us for a long time, but that in recent years has had great relevance.

Facial recognition is the process of identifying and validating a person's identity based on facial features, Simple right?

Face detection is mainly used, which is responsible for distinguishing if the data of an image correspond to a human face or not. If the validation is affirmative, information is extracted from the facial features.

This information is used for facial recognition, which is compared with a database and an approximation of who they correspond to is made.

Facial recognition is not accurate, even large systems have only approached between a 98-99% efficiency and variables such as light intensity, the angle, objects and even image quality can hinder these processes.

Python for non-mathematicians: Of 0 even facial recognition

Facial recollection


  • Developers in general


  • It will start from 0


  • You will learn Python from 0
  • Face recognition with Python

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