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Docker is an open platform for developing, send and run applications.

Docker allows you to separate your applications from your infrastructure so that you can deliver software quickly.

Con Docker, you can manage your infrastructure the same way you manage your applications.

By leveraging Docker methodologies to ship, quickly test and implement code, you can significantly reduce the delay between writing the code and executing it in production.

Docker provides the ability to package and run an application in a loosely isolated environment called a container. Isolation and security allow you to run many containers simultaneously on a given host.

Containers are lightweight and contain everything you need to run an application, so you don't need to depend on what is currently installed on the host.

You can easily share containers while you work and make sure everyone you share with gets the same container that works the same way.

Docker provides tools and a platform to manage the lifecycle of your containers.

Docker course for beginners

Dive into the world of Docker and learn about Dockerfiles and Container Management

Who is this course for?

  • Freshers that are new to Docker


  • Unix working knowledge / Linux

What you will learn

  • Container concepts in Docker
  • Docker container management
  • Docker image management
  • Dockerfile basics

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