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Day by day we become more dependent on technology.

We depend on her for many things: learn, entertain us, pay the water bill, tuition, communicate with family and a long etcetera.

Computer systems have come to improve many aspects of our lives, and in many others they have meant a great leap as it was in communication that it has been possible to start a conversation even with people on the other side of the world in real time.

But this dependence on technology also has its risks, we refer to vulnerabilities in computer systems.

You may be thinking that you have never been hacked and no one would be interested in your information. You are very wrong.

Today's hackers take advantage of existing infrastructure and are capable of launching large-scale attacks. For example, you could be compromised simply by visiting a website, download a file or simply by opening an image in an application such as WhatsApp.

It is important that you learn how hackers work, learn all its tricks in order to be prepared for any attack.

Hit first.

Advanced Penetration Testing and Bug Bounty Hunting Course 2021

Learn and upgrade your bug bounty hunting and penetration testing skills with advanced methods.

Who is this course for?

  • Principiante en Ethical Hacking.
  • Principiantes en Bug Bounty Hunting.
  • Penetration Testing Beginner.
  • Ethical hackers.
  • Security investigators.
  • Penetration testers.
  • Bug bounty hunter.


  • Knowledge of basic level networks
  • Linux basics
  • Basic virtualization knowledge

What you will learn

  • Advanced practical bug bounty training.
  • Advanced hands-on ethical hacking training.
  • Advanced penetration testing training.
  • Linux Pwning Machine.
  • Windows Pwning Machine.
  • Set up your first Amazon EC2 instance (Elastic Compute Cloud).
  • Post-exploitation attacks.
  • Find and submit bug reports.
  • Automation of bug finding tasks.
  • Configure e instale Kali Linux VM en VMWare Workstation.
  • Networking, Linux basic files and folders and additional commands.
  • Learn how to set up and use Burpsuite.
  • Automation using burpsuite to find sensitive files / critical.
  • Exploitation of XSS (Cross Site Scripting) using Beef Framework and injecting malicious commands.
  • Local file include vulnerabilities (LFI) and inclusion of remote files (RFI).

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