Free introductory course on data visualization with Python and Matplotlib

Visualizing data in charts and figures exposes underlying patterns in data and provides insight.

Good visualizations also help you communicate your data to others and are useful to data analysts and other information consumers..

In this grade, you will learn to use Matplotlib, a powerful Python data visualization library.

Matplotlib provides the building blocks for creating rich visualizations of many different types of data sets..

You will learn to create visualizations for different types of data and to customize, automate and share these visualizations.

This incredible course is available for free at Datacamp.

To obtain the course for free, you must first register on the Datacamp platform either using your email or with one of your social networks

To register on the platform, click on the following button:

Once you enroll in Datacamp, solo busca el curso de “Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib”

To go to the course directly click on the following button:

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