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Lately, many people consider entering the area of ​​technology and it is not for less, since in recent years there has been a great increase in the income of developers and technology experts.

For this, one of the most popular operations is learning programming skills, like web development and mobile development.

There are many benefits of taking programming courses for areas of web and mobile development. For example, people who take these courses not only become experts in the field, they also end up making more money than those who don't.

What's more, those who manage to master technologies such as programming languages, methodologies and frameworks tend to find work faster than those that don't. Training as an expert in web development and mobile development could be the best for you and your family by obtaining new sources of income and even launching your own business.

Web and mobile development with React and React Native

Aprenda el curso React with React JS, React Native, Router, Hooks and Context and delve into React Native

Who is this course for?

  • Beginner who wants to be a React developer
  • Anyone with a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and want to learn how to create complex applications
  • Anyone planning a job transformation and wants to become a React developer
  • Anyone who wants to build awesome single page React web apps
  • Anyone who wants to create mobile applications for both Android and IOS
  • People who are planning a career in the world of applications.
  • Developers who have investigated React but have had trouble mastering some concepts
  • Anyone who wants to start from scratch and advance to a more advanced level


  • No prior knowledge is required!!
  • A Windows computer, Mac or Linux
  • The basics of JavaScript + HTML + CSS are absolutely necessary, but you don't need to be an expert
  • Desire to learn React
  • Nothing more! It's only you, your computer and your ambition to start today

What you will learn

  • Dive into React JS and Native
  • Learn how to create single page applications with React JS
  • Learn how to connect to an external API
  • Create reusable React components
  • Configure our virtual environment
  • Install React-Native Dependencies for MAC and Windows
  • Run the Android and IOS simulator
  • JSX expressions and syntax
  • ES6 syntax
  • View content in the simulator
  • User Inputs, forms and events in React
  • Using React portals to represent children outside the DOM hierarchy
  • React JS Hooks and context
  • The modern face of React is developing web applications with React Js Hooks and Context
  • Create hooks and context structures
  • Routing with React Router
  • Path between different screens
  • Transferring data between different screens with React Navigation
  • Reducer concepts, action and dispatch and much more
  • How to use coding techniques to do efficient development with React
  • Build fast, easy-to-use web apps with React

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