Udemy Free: Ethical Hacking Course with USB devices

Hackers are a common fear of many people, but the reality is that they are also people. They have a goal and a motivation to use their skills to make an impact in the world..

Hackers (term that refers to both the person and the action) they are usually classified by the type of crime they commit. A security hacker may want to protect the security of a system, a programmer may want to fix a bug and a criminal hacker may want to sell someone's email at a discount.

Large companies are often looking for ethical hackers with skills to help make their systems more secure.

There are many ways to violate a system, most are using computer programs. But, Did you know that computer systems can be hacked using devices as simple as a USB memory stick??

The Rubber Ducky have a small CPU of 60 MHz and 32 bits. A CPU is made up of the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) capable of bit operations, and a CU (Control unit), able to control the flow of data in and out.

Therefore, both hardware components allow scripts to run automatically, being the CPU of the pendrive who performs the operations, instead of the computer, as with common storage devices.

Ethical hacking with Hak5 devices

More information about the USB rubber duck, the O.MG cable and more

Who is this course for?

  • Ethical hackers
  • Security investigators
  • Cybersecurity Students


  • Computer
  • If you want to copy what I show, you will need to buy Hak5 devices

What you will learn

  • Why Physical Security Is So Important
  • Why You Should Never Connect Unknown Devices To Your Computer
  • Rubber Duck Hak5
  • Hak5 O Cable. MG

This course is available for free without the need for any coupon, through the "FREE" option.

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