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The importance of Excel to the workforce cannot be underestimated. The program, that has been around for decades, is one of the most important that companies use to facilitate data processing and calculations.

It is mainly used to track and analyze the finances of the company, create reports and make graphs. The program is also used in the banking sector to track customer loans and credit card use..

Excel charts are so powerful because it has so many statistical features that you can use to get the best possible visual representation of your data.. Another awesome use of Excel is creating presentations.

You can enter your text, images and videos in Excel and then easily export it to a PowerPoint file to upload to your Google Drive

Since Excel is used in so many fields of work, its importance cannot be underestimated.

The program has managed to remain relatively unchanged over the decades, which has contributed to making it a universal program that can be used in almost all sectors.

Master all MS Excel macros and Excel VBA basics

Learn task automation with Excel macros and Excel VBA with different Excel projects

Who is this course for?

  • People who want to improve their Excel skills
  • Anyone who wants to be able to automate daily Excel tasks there
  • Anyone curious about Microsoft Excel and wanting to get better at it


  • Have a computer
  • Have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer
  • Want to learn about Excel VBA

What you will learn

  • Create lots of small projects to learn the basics of VBA
  • Understand the structure and concepts of VBA programming
  • Learn the best way to write a VBA code in Excel
  • Understand how to use the macro recorder.
  • Be able to perform different tasks with VBA in Excel
  • Enhance your current Excel projects with VBA programming

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