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Databases have been around for many years and their main purpose is to store information.

They are able to save, show, update and delete information quickly and safely, In addition, many of them allow the creation of code scripts to automate different processes within them..

There are different database systems such as SQL Server, MySQL, among others.

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system, developed by Microsoft company.

The development language used is Transact-SQL, an implementation of the ANSI standard of the SQL language, used to manipulate and retrieve data, create tables and define relationships between them.

MS SQL Server 2019. Database Programming with T-SQL

Enterprise databases with Microsoft SQL Server manager 2019, the T-SQL language and Management Studio

Who is this course for?

  • Beginning students who want to reach a level of SQL Server management that allows them to work or develop projects with solvency
  • Developers from other fields who want a course to see if MS SQL Server can be useful in their work


  • Basic Windows handling 10. No additional requirements. The course starts from 0

What you will learn

  • Learning the modeling language of Relational Databases: SQL, using the Microsoft SQL Server manager
  • Simple explanation of Relational Databases and its three design phases
  • The various types of SQL languages, data types and type conversion
  • Installing the Database Engine and Developer IDE. Managing your various options
  • Creating the sample database and inserting the records
  • Creation, consultation, update and delete records
  • Arithmetic operations, logics and comparisons of records
  • Filtered out, sorting and grouping results
  • T-SQL: variables, condition assessment, functions, stored Procedures…
  • Combinations and modifications of multiple tables
  • Flow control programming with T-SQL

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