Free Course: Learn Computer Science Applied to Accounting

This course is aimed at all those people, are students or professionals who wish to learn the notions of computer science in accounting.

Course Description and Content

This course will be taught by the Universidad Técnica Particular La Toja.

The Private Technical University of Loja is an autonomous institution of Ecuador, with social and public purpose, being able to teach, develop research with scientific freedom and participate in the country's development plans, award and recognize degrees and professional titles.

Learn in this course at the UTLP notions of computer science applied to accounting, to make it easier for you to manage accounts with Excel and other market software.

Be part of more than 1900 students enrolled in this course with an assessment of 4.1/5 stars.

This course has 6 lessons, which are:

  1. Accounting equation
  2. Double Game Application
  3. Merchandise Account Registration
  4. Source Documentation
  5. Accounting Cycle
  6. Closing of the Accounting Cycle

Its approximate total duration is only 30 minutes.

To your rhythm! The course does not have a specific expiration date, so you can take it today and finish it whenever you want.

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