Free Course: Cybersecurity. Information protection

This course is aimed at all those people, whether students or professionals who wish to be able to protect their information or that of their companies against computer threats, in addition to knowing the important fundamentals of cybersecurity.

Actually, we know that no one is exempt from suffering a cyber attack, so cybersecurity, it is crucial to end any type of risk in our systems or those of our company.

These damages received by computer attacks, they can be catastrophic and with a high economic cost either to the individual or institution.

In the course What will I learn?

  • Identify the concept of ‘computer attack’.
  • Recognize the most relevant historical events related to cyber attacks for an assessment of their impact.
  • Recognize the vulnerabilities of a computer system for the correct implementation of protection measures.
  • Apply good practices in computing for the proper use of computer equipment in everyday environments.
  • Implement actions to improve data protection protocols in personal and institutional environments.

This course is composed of 5 modules that you will see below:

  1. Virus
    • What is a computer virus?
    • Classification of viruses
    • The first viruses and their evolution
    • Fundamentals for data protection
  2. Cyber ​​attacks
    • Context of computer and cyber attacks
    • Ransomware attacks
    • Cyber ​​attacks and social networks
    • Attacks on large corporations
  3. Keys to IT security
    • Hackers
    • Common threats
    • Authentication and authorization systems
    • Physical and logical protection
    • Security politics
  4. Vulnerability scan
    • Website analysis
    • Case analysis in web attacks
    • Infrastructure attacks
    • Social engineering
  5. Selection of security systems
    • Asset identification. What do we care to take care of?
    • Risks evaluation
    • Prioritize your IT protection
    • Prevention and security measures

The course is designed to take place in 5 weeks, with a dedication time of 4 a 6 hours per week

It is taught by the Universidad de Anáhuac by two teachers:

  • Roberto Trejo Morales (Maestro)
  • José Abdón Espínola González (Maestro)

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It should be noted that the course is free, but if you want to get certified you will have to make a payment.

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