Free Course: How to create a DataGrid library

This free course is aimed at those students or professionals who wish to learn how to create a library to create their DatGgrid.

The course will be taught by Roger David Cotrina, Applications development, courses.

Datagrid library is a customizable table to display data. Datagrid allows customizing cells, rows, columns and borders with the use of properties.

Roger David Cotrina

You'll learn

  • Object Oriented Programming in PHP.
  • Object Oriented Programming in JS.
  • AJAX.
  • Export records to Excel and PDF
  • Closures en PHP.
  • -Anonymous functions and JavaScript.

Course content

  • DataGrid Library
    • Starting with POO JS
    • Connection File
    • Select Data desde PHP
    • Select Data desde Stored Procedure
    • Generating the Records
    • Css and Pagination
    • Info y Change Length
    • Actions
    • Configuration for SQL SERVER
  • Keep it going
    • Add Checkbox
    • Closure en Checkbox
    • Closure in Columns and Actions
    • Export to excel and PDF

Has a total of 13 video courses, with an approximate total duration of 4 hours.

Be part of more than 600 enrolled students, has a valuation of 3.8/5 stars.

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