Free Course: Create 3D games and applications with BabylonJS

This free course is aimed at all those people, be they students or professionals who wish to create games and create simple applications in 3D with this Microsoft library for 3D in WEB.

The course is taught by Oscar Josue Uh Perez, Web developer and subject teacher.

Babylon.js is a complete JavaScript framework for creating 3D games with HTML5 and WebGL, drive: Cameras, collisions, Sprites, textures, particles, 3D models and many more features to help you easily and easily build a 3D game with Webgl.

Oscar Perez

End of course: students will be able to create games using the babylon.js library, as well as they will have the ability to generate simple 3D applications.

Oscar Perez

To be able to take this course it is necessary to have previous knowledge in HTML and JavaScript.

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Course content

  • Introduction to the course and topics
    • Course content
  • Basic Components
    • Create a basic scene
    • Core items
  • Model control
    • Preview Lessons
    • Materials
    • Transformations, texture and color control
  • Animation environment
    • The cameras
    • Lights
    • Animations
    • Sprites
  • Collision and particle effect
    • Collisions
    • Particles
  • Advanced Babylon
    • Export models with Blender
    • Advanced texturing
  • The environment of a game
    • Environment
    • Map or land and use of Physics library
  • Games made Babylon.js
    • Using everything seen in the course

The course, has a total of 17 videos, with an approximate total duration of 3 hours.

It has a valuation of 4.5/5 stars.

You just have to register, and you can now access the course totally FREE. What are you waiting for!

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It should be noted that the course is free for a limited time, later, you will have to make a payment.

Certifying yourself on this platform has an extra cost.

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