Free Course: Create an app with Swift 3 for iOS 10

The purpose of this course is for the student or professional to learn the basics and create apps with the Apple programming language for iOS 10.

This course will be taught by Juan Gabriel Gomila, Data Scientist & Game Designer.

My main objective is that you, future students learn with guarantees of success. If you do not believe me, take a look at the rest of my courses and see what the students think about them. His word is worth more than any justification that I want to give you myself.

Juan Gomila

Course material is regularly updated to include all the latest updates and information. Don't forget that just by registering you have lifetime access to the course, Which gives you more than enough reason to drop in once in a while and see what's new in Swift.

Juan Gomila

Course content

  • Free introduction to iOS 10 y Swift 3
    • IOS Course Contents 10
    • Your instructor, Juan Gabriel Gomila
    • Download Xcode 8 beta
  • Variables and constants
    • Contents of the topic
    • My first playground with Swift 3
    • Variables
    • Variable modification
    • Constants
    • What have we learned?
    • What do you think of this course?
  • Integers and Strings
    • Contents of the topic
    • Los Strings
    • The Emojis
    • The integers
    • Strings interpolation
    • What have we learned?
  • My first app: Hello World
    • Contents of the app
    • Create the project
    • A tour for Xcode
    • UIButton
    • UIAlertController
    • UILabel
    • UITextField
    • Using UIImageView
    • Improvements for our app
    • What have we learned?
  • Changes in Swift 3
    • Contents of the topic – Changes in Swift 3 on iOS 10
    • ABI Stabilization
    • The operators ++ Y — of C
    • The loops of C
    • Functions with parameters
    • Those listed
    • Shortening the function names
    • Next Step classes
    • Class extensions
    • Class migrations in Xcode 8
    • What have we learned in the section?
  • This is just the beginning

Course Description

This course has a total of 38 videos, with an approximate total duration of 3 hours.

Be part of more than 13 thousand students enrolled, this course has a rating of 4.5/5 stars.

You just have to register, and you can now access the course totally FREE. What are you waiting for!

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