Free Course: Create an APP with Google Data Studio y Python

It is aimed at all those people, whether students or professionals, where an exercise will be proposed to them. With Data Studio, create a report in the form of an APP, but first treat the data with Python.

It will be taught by José María Aguilar Bravo, Ecommerce.

This is not a regular course, it is an exercise and part of a question: Could Google Data Studio be put to another use?, apart from making reports and graphs? The answer is yes and we will see it step by step.

Jose Bravo

In this challenge, I try to combine the power of Python as a tool for data treatment and the power and flexibility of Google Data Studio to display that data..

Jose Bravo

This challenge is open and the app can be extended to improve its performance.

Jose Bravo

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Data source and working with Python
    • Data source
    • Column deletion
    • We connect Python with Google Drive
    • We format our data
  • We work with Google Data Studio
    • We connect Google Sheets with Data Studio
    • Data tables
    • We create calculated fields
    • The hyperlink to the gas station file is created
    • We create the gas station file
    • We added images to better illustrate the gas stations
    • We create the report of the gasoline table
    • Cover page, final design
    • We add some additional fields to our gas station file
  • Final conclusion
    • Final conclusion and farewell

This course has a total of 15 videos, with an approximate total duration of 3 hours.

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