Free Course: Creating a video game with JavaScript

This course is aimed at all those people, be they students or professionals who wish to learn how to create a video game with JavaScript.

The course is taught by Francisco Ocampo, Systems engineer.

In this JavaScript game creation course, you will have the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to develop a game with this excellent language.

Francisco Ocampo

After completing this course, you will expand all your knowledge when it comes to JavaScript, to be able to take this language to a higher level.

Francisco Ocampo

For this course it is necessary to have previous knowledge of JavaScript, but do not worry, Here below we leave you some links with free courses on both JavaScript and the web.

The course of Creating a video game with JavaScript, lasts for almost 3 hours.

It is in Spanish language and contains 12 videos.


  • Introduction
  • Video Game Development
    • Creating the canvas structure for the game
    • Working with the stylesheet
    • Creating game objects with JavaScript
    • Drawing enemy ships on canvas
    • Drawing allied ship and space background on canvas
    • Creating event that triggers allied ship missiles
    • Detecting missile collisions with enemy ships
    • Detect ship collision
    • Creating controls to manipulate allied ship
    • Latest game settings
  • Gratitude

To access the course, just click on this link or by tapping the next button.

You just have to register, and you can now access the course totally FREE. What are you waiting for!

It should be noted that the course is free for a limited time, later, you will have to make a payment.

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