Free Course on Data Structures with Certificate Option

The following course is aimed at all those people, students or professionals who want to know programming from the most basic aspects of data structures.

You will know all the main types of data structures that exist and those that we can use for the process of storing complex information in a desktop program.

You will see how to use the lists, queues and trees with examples in C and Java, two widely used programming languages.

What will you learn?

  • What are data structures?
  • Linked lists.
  • Linked lists in C and Java.
  • Colas.
  • Queues in C and Java.
  • Batteries.
  • Stacks in C and Java.
  • Introduction to trees.
  • Binary trees.
  • Search binary trees.
  • BSTs and C.
  • BSTs in Java.
  • Tree from inorder or postorder.
  • K-year trees.
  • Trees B.

This course has a totality of 24 classes belonging to a single unit.

Its duration is 12 hours and is available in Spanish.

With a valuation of 5/5 stars.

To access the course, just click on this link or by tapping the next button.

You just have to register, and you can now access the course totally FREE. What are you waiting for!

It should be noted that the course is free, but if you want to get certified you will have to make a payment. If you are from Mexico you have a great discount, which is available during 7 days after starting the course.

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