Free Excel Course: From beginner to expert (tricks, shortcuts, formulas, financial analysis and more)

In this free Excel tutorial, you will learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions and formulas you need to be an advanced Excel user.

This free Excel course is designed specifically for spreadsheet users already doing professional financial analysis and financial modeling or looking to prepare for a career on Wall Street.

Take CFI's Intensive Excel Course Now to Advance Your Career!!

Build a solid foundation in Excel for careers in:

  • Investment banking
  • Private capital
  • Corporate development
  • Equity analysis
  • Financial planning and analysis (FP&A)
Free intensive Excel course

Excel tutorial on best practices

Learn about industry leading best practices. This free Excel course is based on actual investment banking training programs at global banks.

The quality of instruction you receive in this course will keep you as sharp as if you took an expensive live Wall Street course.

Free Excel Course and Online Training (screenshot)

Excel Training and Tutorial Details

This free spreadsheet training course starts with the basics of Excel and quickly progresses to a more advanced level where even experts will learn something new.

It is important to start small and build a solid foundation, so we review all the foundational skills you need before creating more advanced spreadsheets.

In this Excel tutorial, you will learn to leave the mouse behind and use keyboard shortcuts to dramatically improve and speed up your spreadsheet building skills.

In the second half of the intensive Excel course, You will notice that the functions and formulas become more sophisticated and the quality of financial analysis and financial modeling become much better. This half of the course focuses on specific finance formulas that you would use as an analyst conducting financial analysis on the job..

Excel Tutorial and Lessons

What will I get out of this free Excel course?

  • Learn Everything You Need To Know About Excel Spreadsheets For A Career In Corporate Finance And Investment Banking
  • Master keyboard shortcuts, functions and formulas to save time and speed up your modeling skills
  • Follow industry leading best practices; simulate analyst training on the job
  • Stand out in an interview or rise at work by dramatically increasing your skills and confidence in MS Excel
  • Get a Certificate of Completion of the Intensive Excel Course
Excel course for finance professionals

Who should take this free Excel tutorial?

This free Excel tutorial is perfect for novice users, intermediate and even advanced.

The tutorial starts with the basics, but training progresses rapidly, so even advanced users will learn something new and have a great refresher. Start the intensive Excel course now!!

How do I get the course?

To obtain the course it is necessary to go to the CFI platform, you will need to create an account on said platform (if you have LinkedIn it's easier).

Once you have your account created you will be able to access all the free content. To obtain the course click the following button:

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