Free Ethical Hacking Course with Python from beginner to expert

Ethical Hacking is the process of identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities on a computer or network through advanced tools and techniques.

An ethical hacker or White Hat hacker attempts to access an organization's computer or network bypassing system security and looking for weak spots and vulnerable network points that could be exploited by malicious hackers or Black Hat hackers.

Ethical Hackers generally use various tools to access the network and use scripts to search for anomalies or vulnerabilities in the network..

Python is a simple programming language, powerful and open source used to write scripts for Ethical Hacking.

This course explains how to use Python to create ethical hacking tools and scripts. In this course you will see some basic concepts of Python programming, as if statements, else-if to advanced concepts like creating TCP clients.

Unlike other Python courses, not only understand Python concepts, but you can also apply the scripts on Kali Linux to test computer systems.


  •  Conferences: sixteen
  •  Duration: 3 hours
  •  Skill level: All levels
  •  Language: English
  •  Students: 11644
  •  Certificate: and
  •  Evaluations: and

This course is available for free, the only drawback is that you have a time limit of 3 hours after registering for the course.

Because, We recommend that you start taking it when you are sure of being able to complete it without any loss of time or distractions.

To obtain the course, click on the following button:

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