Free Introduction to Pseudocode Programming Course

This course is aimed at all those who want to know the fundamentals to analyze problems and solve them through pseudocode.

Course Description

The course is free thanks to Pledin 3.0, an Informatics Educational Platform.

Which compiled content that are part of a course that I have taught to OpenWebinars in may 2018.

Two fundamental concepts are handled in this course, the algorithm and pseudocode.

An algorithm is a set of actions that specify the sequence of operations to perform, an order, to solve a problem.

The pseudocode, allows us an approximation of the algorithm to natural language and therefore a quick drafting of it.

This course presents the fundamentals to analyze problems and solve them through pseudocode..

Its last update was on 22 February 2021, since being a great course, this is kept renewing every so often.

This course has a total of 40 classes divided between 9 units to be described later.

Course Units

  • Introduction To Pseudocode Programming
    • Index
    • Introduction to the Course
  • Introduction To Programming
    • Problem resolution
    • Problem Analysis
    • Algorithm Design
  • Work environment: Pseint
    • Introduction to Pseint
  • Pseudocode: Introduction
    • Algorithm Structure
    • Simple Data Types
    • Variables
    • Operators And Expressions
    • Variable Assignment
    • Information Input And Output
    • Other Instructions
    • Mathematical functions
    • String Functions
    • Our First Complete Pseudocode
    • Step-by-step execution
    • Sequential Structure Exercises
  • Pseudocode: Alternative Structures
    • Alternative Structures: And
    • Alternative Structures: According to
    • Alternative Structures Exercises
  • Pseudocode: Repetitive Structures
    • While
    • Repeat-Until
    • For
    • Specific Use Of Variables: Accountants, Accumulators And Indicators
    • Repetitive Structures Exercises
    • Character Strings Exercises
  • Pseudocode: Arrangements
    • Data structures: Arrangements (Array)
    • One-Dimensional Arrays: Cartoon vector
    • Multidimensional Arrays: Boards
    • Arrangement Exercises
  • Pseudocode: Structured Programming
    • Structured Programming
    • Functions and Procedures
    • Recursive Functions
    • Functions Exercises
    • More Exercises
  • Programming languages
    • Introduction To Programming Languages
    • Translator Programs
    • Compiling And Running A Compiled Language: C++
    • Compilation And Interpretation Of A Java Program
    • Running Programs Interpreted With Python

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You can get all the content of the course in the repositoryGitHub. All observations, improvements and suggestions are welcome.

To access the course, just click on this link or by tapping the next button.

It should be noted that the course is free, although this can be withdrawn at any time.

In addition to the fact that this platform is not certified.

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Until the 8 May 2021

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