Free Basic Japanese Course with Certificate

The next Basic Japanese course, will supply the person who wishes to take it, all the elementary material necessary to learn to pronounce correctly, in order for the student to learn through the practice of said material and temporarily advance in this language so widely spoken in many countries around the world.

Why Japanese?

This language has become so well known internationally for topics that you and I are thinking about, and, the anime, the manga, music and many more things.

Since having a wide knowledge of this language will make you understand both Japanese movies and anime, T.V. series, song, sleeves, etc. In addition, it will help develop the ability to order sashimi in your Japanese restaurant of choice..

Learning Japanese will help you to facilitate the learning of other languages, being so analytical, since it gives importance to the function of words, since the other Asian languages ​​share these similarities.

What will i learn?

  • Prepositions of place.
  • Parts of the body and face.
  • Parts of the house.
  • Animals.
  • Greetings and farewell.
  • Numbers & Alphabet.
  • Colors.
  • Seasons of the year.

It has a totality of 18 classes belonging to a single unit.

It just lasts 3 hours and it's in Spanish! You will be with more than 17 a thousand classmates.

With a valuation of 4.5/5 stars.

To access the course, just click on this link or by tapping the next button.

You just have to register, and you can now access the course totally FREE. What are you waiting for!

It should be noted that the course is free, but if you want to get certified you will have to make a payment. If you are from Mexico you have a great discount, which is available during 7 days after starting the course.

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