Free Course on Object Oriented Programming

This course has the purpose that the student can design pseudocodes and transform them into a specific programming language.

It is aimed at students and professionals who wish to opt for a university education that allows understanding the basic fundamentals of object-directed programming. As well, is intended for people with no prior knowledge but who are interested in understanding object-oriented programming.

Object-oriented programming is one of the most important paradigms in programming. Where objects are created that are related to each other to achieve the objectives of the applications.


  • Encapsulation
  • Abstraction
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism


  • Code reuse, avoiding code duplication.
  • Turn complex things into simple.
  • Allows teamwork thanks to encapsulation.

The purpose of this course, is that the person who takes it, assimilate and understand the basic fundamentals of object-oriented programming to carry out object determination and perform operations on them to manipulate input data and obtain specific output information, where for each object a special functionality can be determined.

What will i learn?

  • Know the use of variables.
  • Apply the use of String type variables.
  • Apply repetitive cycles.
  • Use vectors and matrices.

It has a totality of 9 classes belonging to a single unit.

Its duration is 10 hours and is available at español. You will be with more than 2400 classmates.

With a valuation of 5/5 stars.

To access the course, just click on this link or by tapping the next button.

You just have to register, and you can now access the course totally FREE. What are you waiting for!

It should be noted that the course is free, but if you want to get certified you will have to make a payment. If you are from Mexico you have a great discount, which is available during 7 days after starting the course.

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