Free facial recognition course with Python

Facial recognition is the technology that allows identifying the identity of a person only with an image or video of the face.

Before it was necessary a great processing capacity to carry them out, but now with new technologies it is easier to program and implement them.

With the help of facial recognition, it is easier to locate thieves or other intruders.

At the government level, facial recognition can help identify terrorists or any other criminal with the help of face scan only.

The added advantage is the fact that the technology cannot be hacked: there's nothing to steal or change, as in the case of a password, for example.

Regarding personal use, facial recognition can be used as a security tool to lock personal devices and for personal surveillance cameras.

If you are a Python developer you will realize how easy it is to create programs in this language, and in this way it is also easy to implement facial recognition.

In this course, you will work on a project from start to finish to understand how facial recognition works.

You will also learn about the OpenCV library and the Numpy library to detect a face from the image. It will help you understand the advanced project on object detection.

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