Free Course: Make Your First Video Game With Godot 3.2

In the next course you will learn to program your first video game with Godot. A great alternative to Unity.

This course will be taught by Rafael Rodríguez Gómez, University and institute professor. Researcher in the field of cybersecurity and cooperation.

I have set up this course based on my experience as a programming trainer at different levels and with the aim of bringing programming training to as many people as possible the better. It is possible to learn the most important techniques of video game development using only free software programs and GDscript (programming language very similar to Python).

Rafael Gomez

In the development of this game (Rafanoid) you will learn a lot of useful concepts to create a wide variety of 2D video games in Godot, such as:

  • Game menu creationto manage the start and end of the game
  • Collision management both simple and complex
  • Program using the GDScript programming languageThis is a 2×1! If you learn GDScript you take a big step to learn Python
  • Manage through the graphical interface and GDScript creating and destroying objects and scenes based on game events
  • Add sounds to the game A game without sounds is not a game! Learn to include them at key moments
  • Create an optimal structure to order resources, scenes and scripts of your game
  • Using sprites so much for your players, as for the elements of the game

Course content

  • Before starting…
  • First steps with Godot
  • Scenes, sprites, inputs and movements
  • Create the scene with all the elements of the game
  • Eliminate blocks and reach victory or defeat states
  • Start and replay menu and scene changes
  • Add the sounds to the whole game
  • Congratulations!

This course has a total of 8 videos, with an approximate total duration of 2 hours.

Be part of more than 9 thousand students enrolled in this course with an assessment of 4.8/5 stars.

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