Free introductory course in Spanish to software engineering offered by the Autonomous University of Madrid

Software engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the development of software products.

Operates within a set of principles, best practices and methods that have been carefully refined over the years, changing as software and technology change.

Software engineering leads to a product that is reliable, efficient and effective in what it does.

Software engineering has two parts: software and engineering.

The software is a collection of codes, documents and triggers that perform a specific job and meet a specific requirement.

Engineering is product development using best practices, principles and methods.

Software engineering studies design, software development and maintenance as a general definition.

Even so, there are different types of software engineering that a company or product may need.

If you want to learn more about software engineering, the following course is for you:

Introduction to Software Engineering

Learn about the different development phases that a computer project goes through, as well as the management activities necessary to achieve the successful completion of the project.

What you will learn

  • What is software and what are its different components and characteristics.
  • What are the main activities of a software engineer.
  • How to adapt methodologies and life cycle models to our software project.
  • Know the main activities of project management: estimation and planning, negotiation, coordination of the work team and monitoring and control.
  • Identify user requirements and software requirement.
  • Ensure the realization of a good design.
  • Explore the importance of comprehensive testing using appropriate techniques.
  • Complete the development process in a complete and satisfactory manner.
  • Establish different maintenance strategies according to business needs.
  • Identify the main measures used in software quality assurance.

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How do I register for the course?

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